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Time-of-Flight Calculator

version (9.31 KB) by Joris Meurs
A tool for calculating the time-of-flight in TOF-MS


Updated 18 Apr 2016

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File name : 'TOF.m'. This file can be used
for calculating the time-of-flight of a certain ion
in a time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer for
different ionization methods.
Four input values : 'm','dV','x','Ionization'
Ouput : Table with (adduct) ions, m/z values and
m = mass of ion in Daltons (Da)
dV = potential difference in Volt (V)
x = length of flight tube in meters (m)
Ionization = ionization method
Supported ionization methods:

- Electron ionization: 'EI'
- Chemical ionization: 'CI_CH4' (methane)
'CI_NH3' (ammonia)
'CI_C4H10' (isobutane)
- Electrospray ionization: 'ESI+' and 'ESI-'
- Matrix-assisted laser
desorption ionization: 'MALDI'

[t,mz] = matrix of m/z values and
time-of-flight in seconds (s)
The output consists of a UITable

Input syntax : TOF(m,dV,x,'Ionization method')
NOTE 1: Charge state of ions in ESI are set from
1 till 10
NOTE 2: Negative values for potential difference
will be converted to absolute values

Developed by Joris Meurs BASc (2016)

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Joris Meurs (2020). Time-of-Flight Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Added picture

Positive and negative mode for ESI are added

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