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HSDPT(High Shear Deformation Plate Theory)

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HSDPT displacements

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Updated 09 Jun 2017

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Buckling HSDPT displacements, strains and stresses

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Lela Bralovic (2021). HSDPT(High Shear Deformation Plate Theory) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Lela Bralovic

Thank you for all of your suggestions.
*Not to use link expander, even it's given only for alternative if someone's browser could not reach given link, is helpful.
*To get reasonable explanation and shortest one, enough is to use given link and look at first *.png.
*Tried to use (ctrl+i) to change indentation and it is as it is, sorry but don't see changes.
*Here is difference between given input files format and names and files calculated with apps on link which is obvious. On the link, apps are readable and could be recognized mentioned difference.
Moreover, the importance is to show how robust could be Matlab's graphic support for these kinds of problems.

Stephen Cobeldick

@Lela Bralovic: it seems that you have written something interesting, but the information is quite hidden, which makes it impossible for anyone else to use. In particular:

* Do not use link expander, tinyurl, or any kind of link hiding: we have no way to check that that link is not or something of that ilk, and it also makes the link totally depended on some third-party (who now seem to have gone defunct).
* Please provide a reasonably complete and useful description and help, one that does not require us to go running off around the interweb for basic info about what your submission does.
* Get someone else to proof-read your description and help for you.
* Use the MATLAB Editor's default indentation (select all, then ctrl+i). The example code loops are horribly indented and as a result the example is very confusing to follow. If you want people to be able to follow and understand your code then presentation is important.
* Ensure that all examples can actually be run: do not write examples that rely on data that we do not have.

Lionel Juillen AF

Sorry, but the comments are not very useful, and the links looks broken.

Lela Bralovic

One of the two possible buckling displacement u for the same or closest two frequencies is presented or how another could influence one critical mode.

Deeply aware that works with all scripts and exe files not so friendly, especially with those given on third link in explanation, but every suggestion will be welcomed.

More explanation is given in files on links.

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