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Self-Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) - Simulink

version (38.4 KB) by Praviraj PG
Simulink Modelling of Self Excited Induction Generator


Updated 01 Feb 2017

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This Simulink models a Self Excited Induction Generator.

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Praviraj PG (2020). Self-Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) - Simulink (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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haseeb amjad

sir,Will you give Wind turbine Emmulator simulink model At

Akhil Raj

Vaishnavadevi A

Vaishnavadevi A

can i pls get the whole model and explanation which will be useful for my project.

dl wang

Nho Nguyen

It's so nice. Thank you!


Sir, I am studying M.Tech. self excited induction generator for my project work. If you have this model please send me to my mail. thank you.


Please send any help to my email:


Hi there, I wonder how the remanent flux was modeled in this Simulink! Thanks for help

B Prasanth

sir, I need single phase self excited induction generator. Please help me. If you have this model please send me to mail.

dyhia bouhadjra

How about six phase self excited induction generator driven by a variable speed wind turbine?

maher putra

Kunal S

Fairuz Milkiy

Mr. Praviraj, can you help me to create modelling for single phase induction generator

medey s

nice work thank you

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