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mainfrequency(x, y, TDx, Fs)

version 1.1 (1.73 KB) by Davide Vatteroni
This function finds the main frequency of a signal

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Updated 26 Nov 2018

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Mainfrequency finds the main frequency (and its standard deviation) of a signal y, sampled in a interval x (of time) with Fs as sampling rate. If you don't know the sampling rate, set Fs equal to zero (if so, x must be in seconds). TDx is the flag of x, and it can be "Second" or "Data". Also it returns the plots "amplitude vs. time" & "magnitude vs. frequency". If there are two or more peaks with the same height, it chooses the lower one in frequency. Finally it returns the total power P of the signal.

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Davide Vatteroni (2020). mainfrequency(x, y, TDx, Fs) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Better estimate of the standard deviation

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