General MEX Implementation of Thomas' Algorithm

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MEX (C/C++) Implementation of Thomas Algorithm (or Tridiagonal Matrix Algorithm) for real and complex data.

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MLDIVIDE has a great tridiagonal matrix solver for sparse matrices, and there are other implementations of Thomas' algorithm out there (see below), but I needed a faster way to solve tridiagonal systems for complex data; this seems to do the trick. On my system (and R2018b), this is about four times faster than MLDIVIDE or a straight up implementation in MATLAB.

This does use interleaved complex numbers with AVX instructions for complex operations, so to compile for use just put it on your path, type "mex -R2018a 'CFLAGS=-mavx' tdma.c" and it should work.

For a MEX implementation that works on REAL data, please see:

For a MATLAB implementation that works on all data, please see:

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Of course I forgot a few important comments on how to compile the MEX thread pool stuff so... fixed.


Added in a version that includes use of new persistent Thread Pool code for multi-threading, greatly speeding up smaller 2D and 3D problems.

Fixed a stupid logic error for 3D problems.

Added additional error checking, and updated some notes on multi-threading performance.

Added in limited multi-threading support, with underwhelming results.

Updated to include real data too, and to handle multi-dimensional problems without the need for permutation and reshaping of inputs / outputs.

Added in some error checks so things don't just crash MATLAB if you're off by a little bit.

Para consultar o notificar algún problema sobre este complemento de GitHub, visite el repositorio de GitHub.
Para consultar o notificar algún problema sobre este complemento de GitHub, visite el repositorio de GitHub.