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AI Based Grid Integration of Hybrid PV/Wind/FC Energy

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New Cascade Multilevel Inverter


Updated 24 Mar 2019

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introduce a new topology of cascade multilevel inverter with reduced semiconductor switches for grid integration of hybrid renewable energy sources such as Wind, photovoltaic (PV) cell and Fuel Cell (FC). The main objective of this research work is improving the power quality at common coupling point of renewable energy sources and power grid. This research works Artificial intelligent (AI) controllers has been modelled and controlled hybrid renewable energy sources and grid connected proposed multilevel inverter for achieve the above objective.

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PIRC (2020). AI Based Grid Integration of Hybrid PV/Wind/FC Energy (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Dear sir, can you email me the fuzzy file to run this model. email address:

Tin Luu you are wrong. His models are very useful for our research work. We have use his model as reference


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PIRC website :


hello Mr Venkat,
my i have fuzzy file and more detaills


More details check website :

hello Mr Venkat,
my i have fuzzy file and more detaills


More details check website :

Email id :

Tin Luu

Hello All readers:
I did not use matlab for quite a while. I used to be an expertise in matlab and matlab simulink. Now I work in different field and did not use matlab as much. I read these post from this guy he said he is Dr. Venkatesh Kumar.M. This guy did not try to help student to learn. He wants a make a business for himself by hiding the whatever fuzzy file so you need to pay him and get the file you want. This is not an act of an educator did. It is totally understandable that you hide some files to get the students or researchers interested in your topic and guide them to work or how to work on the file you hidden. That is how an educator should do. Students are generally very poor and I think you also have kids too. What do you think if your children's teachers did it the same thing the way you did to the students here. I just want to say in general, if you want to help them learn that is great if you can not, please don't make money from the poor students. Knowledge should be opened to discussion not selling. You make me feel so bad for most of educators here especially you said you are a Dr. Since I follow the post from you, all I saw is: You collected all other truly educators files and make your files and hidden one file and try to sell it to poor students in here. Shame on YOU.

Readers, you don't need to waste your time with this fake educators. If you want to learn about fuzzy, some other professional professors in here post the files and along with their publications in matlab file exchange too. I don't remember the names since I did not use it for a long time but I will post some names and contact information later. Let me find out these information for you.

bad file

Hello, can you please send me the rest of the files on the following email:
I am interested in the technique you are using, besides I am interested to communicate with you for other academic purposes to be discussed internally.
Thank you in advance/

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