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Fourth order Runge Kutta Method

version 1.0.1 (1.3 KB) by Manotosh Mandal
Matlab codes for Fourth order Runge Kutta Method of Numerical differentiation


Updated 27 Aug 2019

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The most widely known member of the Runge–Kutta family is generally referred to as "RK4", the "classic Runge–Kutta method" or simply as "the Runge–Kutta method".


Enter initial value of x i.e. x0: 0

Enter initial value of y i.e. y0: 0.5

Enter the final value of x: 2

Enter the step length h: 0.2

x y
0.000 0.500
0.200 0.632
0.400 0.838
0.600 1.133
0.800 1.538
1.000 2.077
1.200 2.780
1.400 3.683
1.600 4.829
1.800 6.274
2.000 8.083 >>

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