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Generate Fiber

version 1.0.1 (2.16 KB) by Ayad Al-Rumaithi
Generate random fibers inside a box


Updated 18 Nov 2019

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Generate randomly oriented fibers inside a box with example file.

1-function Fiber=Generate_Fiber(x,y,z,L,N): Generate fibers inside a box
2-function Plot_Fiber(x,y,z,Fiber): Plot fibers


x=[x1 x2]: x boundaries of the box
y=[y1 y2]: y boundaries of the box
z=[z1 z2]: z boundaries of the box
L: Length of fibers
N: Number of fibers
Fiber: (N,6) matrix of fiber coordinates with (:,1), (:,2) and (:,3) are x,y, and z coordinates of one end and (:,4),(:,5) and (:,6) are x,y, and z coordinates of the other end.

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Ayad Al-Rumaithi

Hi Jeeva. Unfortunately I don’t have code for that. But I have code for aggregate or particles packing generator:

Jeeva Muthulingam

hi i am jeeva i want generate RVE with two inclusions can u tell me how can i do that




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