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version 1.0 (165 KB) by David Legland
Image class for image processing and analysis of images up to 5D (X,Y,Z,C,T), taking into account some metadata.


Updated 15 Jan 2020

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This package consists in the Image class, that encapsulates a (possibly multidimensional) data array together with various meta-data used to interpret the data (spatial calibration, look-up table, grayscale extent...), and wraps several functions from the Image Processing Toolbox (which is therefore required).

The main features of the Image class are:
* Manages multi-dimensionnal images up to five dimensions, corresponding to the X, Y, Z, Channels, and time.
* Images are asociated to a type that indicates how the content should be interpreted: "color", "intensity", "binary", "label"...
* The spatial calibration is stored within the class, making it possible to extract some information in "real world units" rather than in "pixels"
* Multi-channel images store the name of the channels, that can be taken into account to automatically annotate some graphs.
* Several image processing methods from the Image Processing Toolbox are overloaded, by taking into account image type and/or meta-data, and automatically inferring the type of the resulting image.
* Provides some facilities to read 3D images from various formats (Tif, MetaImage...).

The project is hosted on GitHub ( A detailed user manual is available (

This Image class is at the basis of the "ImageM" application (

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David Legland

Hi Nicolas,
do you mean user manual? I used LyX, which is (roughly) a GUI for LaTeX. I could not automate the incoporation of header lines however. Figures were generated after running demo scripts.

Nicolas Douillet

Hi David, which tool did you used to generate your documentation. Thanks.

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