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EZGLOBE - easily plot a rotatable globe (Mapping Toolbox 2.x)

version (41.9 KB) by Michael Kleder
Draws a globe with coastal and political boundaries for use with Mapping Toolbox 2.x

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Updated 03 May 2006

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Mapping Toolbox versions 2 (and later) have not supplied political boundary information as former versions did. This function easily creates a simple globe with boundaries drawn in, upon which you can then plot geographical data using the Mapping Toolbox. All you have to do to create your globe is type is "ezglobe" at the command line.

You need Java and the Mapping Toolbox (version 2 or later) to use this function. Tested but no warranty; use at your own risk.

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Michael Kleder (2021). EZGLOBE - easily plot a rotatable globe (Mapping Toolbox 2.x) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Ted Shultz

Nice and fast globe. NOTE: to people looking for a color globe, check out the authors other files (such as SATGLOBE4, this one is grayscale.


Juliana Binder

The Author

This function works with Matlab 7.1 and Mapping Toolbox 2.x. Try typing "ver" at the prompt and *email me* the result. Thanks.

I. Oldenburg

I got the following error:

??? Error using ==> mapformats\private\openShapeFiles>checkSHP
Failed to open both landareas.shp and landareas.SHP.

Error in ==> mapformats\private\openShapeFiles at 19
[basename, ext] = checkSHP(basename,shapeExtensionProvided);

Error in ==> shaperead at 200
[shpFileId, shxFileId, dbfFileId, headerTypeCode] ...

Error in ==> ezglobe at 24

Can you please help me to solve my problem.

Thanks, I.O.

The Author

"typecast" is a Matlab function available in version 7.1 and later. I used it in the lossless data compression routine, which reduces the file size to a manageable level. I suggest that the easiest solution would probably be to upgrade to version 7.1 or later.

Ki tak Ahn

I got an error msg "Undefined command/function 'typecast'".
Is it a saperated function ?

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