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version 1.0.0 (1.12 KB) by Valerio Rubino
Joins into char vectors file parts, using / as delimiter.

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Updated 14 Apr 2021

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When using fullfile() on Windows, it outputs the path of a file with the backslash (\) as delimiter. If the output is then passed as a format specifier to a function like sprintf (or compose), it runs into error, e.g. sprintf(fullfile('folder', '%d'), nr), because it interprets the blackslash as an escape character.
This function deals with the issue by adjoining file parts using the forward slash (/) as delimiter.

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Valerio Rubino (2021). Join fileparts (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Valerio Rubino

Hi Rik,
I crafted this function when I needed to first get the formatSpec and only then "fill" it (inside a loop); therefore, it was less redundant and also more readable to first use this function while outside the loop and then just go with sprintf inside the loop.
I acknowledge it is a very limited scope, but this was useful for me and I thought I may share it with others :)


I don't see why you would do this. You still need to use sprintf to create each part of the path with this function, so why not just flip the two calls: fullfile('folder',sprintf( '%d', nr))?

I would see a benefit if this function would detect format specifiers and apply sprintf on each part.

fulllfile_formatted('%%temp%%','folder%d','subfolder','file_%d.txt',num_dir,num_file) --> '%temp%\folder1\subfolder\file_2.txt'

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