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Fitness-Distance-Balance based Adaptive Guided Differential Evolution (FDB-AGDE) algorithm


Updated 21 Apr 2021

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Fitness-Distance-Balance based Adaptive Guided Differential Evolution (FDB-AGDE) algorithm for global optimization and real world engineering problems.

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Guvenc, U., Duman, S., Kahraman, H. T., Aras, S., Katı, M., “Fitness-Distance Balance based adaptive guided differential evolution algorithm for security-constrained optimal power flow problem incorporating renewable energy sources”, Applied Soft Computing,, (2021).



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Hamdi Tolga KAHRAMAN

FDB Method (First Introduction and Implementation on SOS of Fitness-Distance Balance method)

FDB-SDO (An improved version of Supply-Demand Optimizer)

LRFDB-COA (An improved version of Coyote Optimization Algorithm)
Levy flight and FDB-based coyote optimization algorithm for global optimization

FDB-SFS (An improved version of Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm)

Hamdi Tolga KAHRAMAN

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Hamdi Tolga KAHRAMAN

Hamdi Tolga KAHRAMAN

FDB-AGDE is one of the most powerful meta-heuristic global optimization algorithms. We shared the codes of the three different versions (FDB-AGDE Cases) we presented in the article. You can test what is best for your problem.

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