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GUI for readtable and datastore. Select / sort table variables and their data types. Read from multiple tabular text or Excel files at once.

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Read data from one or multiple files (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt) or spreadsheet lists containing tables with the same format and variable names. Interactively select and sort variables and their respective data types to import before reading data into the workspace.
  • select and sort variables
  • de/select multiple variables at once with mouse, Ctrl, Shift and using context menu in the Selected Variables Column
  • choose data types of the selected variables
  • confirm selections and preview
  • read data from selected variables into the table array
Export "import options" to reuse with a new data of the same format when you read data from one file only. Variable with "Import options" can be used as a second argument when calling the function readtable - this syntax is described in the documentation:
When reading from multiple tabular text files (.csv, .txt), you can use the same conversion specifiers that the textscan function accepts for the formatSpec argument:
Import options are automatically detected from your data. However, you can customize some of these options before reading the data into the workspace. For example, you can change "DataRange", "Sheet", "ImportErrorRule" and "MissingRule" if you read data from a single Excel file.

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