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You can digitize a graph using this code

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Digitize a graph with this code.
You can extract data manually or automatically based on the pixel color.
How to use
  1. Run the code by executing Main.m
  2. Open the image by typing 1 in the main menu.
  3. Enter the calibration menu by typing 2 in the main menu.
  4. Calibrate axis by setting 2 reference x points and 2 y points
  5. Ditigize your data manually by typing 3 in the main menu.
  6. Follow the intructions
  7. If you want to ditigize data automatically, type 4 in the main menu.
  8. Foloow the intruction
  9. You can clear your data or sort your data
  10. When your job is done, type -1 in the main menu.
  11. Your data are stored in the variable named 'data'
Log scale is not provided.
If you want to digitize a log scaled graph, you'll have to do it mathematically.
Calibrate x and y graph with the log value of x and y, digitize it via this code, and apply the exponential function to the data you obtained.

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