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Access to web app from other electronic devices.
Unfortunately, MATLAB Web Apps are only available over trusted intranets when deployed on dedicated hardware. This is largely du...

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How do I form a oauth2 password-grant request using webwrite [grant_type = "password" ]
I would look into the link below which forms an oauth2 for google api:

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Convert System.Byte[] memory dump to numeric data without fwrite/fread?
There are a couple options. MATLAB has a typecasting function which allows you to convert data types. More information about t...

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Import Data from an Excel Spreadsheet, sum the data for one column
In order to get the sum of an array, You can use the "sum" function that I have linked below.

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Syncing a DAQ card waveform-output to an external clock.
In order to synchronize DAQ device with an external clock, both a start trigger and a sample clock should be used to control the...

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Export data into excel
You may have accidentally created a variable called 'xlswrite' and thus it thinks you are trying to reference the variable, not ...

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Writing a file to Google Drive?
One option that you could use java in order to interface more directly with their api like in this answers post:

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Will the txt format for the DRS be understood with next releases (xml format is the offical one now) ?
Currently the XML format is the official format and it's recommended that you update any old DRS txt files to the newer format. ...

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How to read .bin file into matlab as a column vector?
In order to read from a BIN file, I would recommend using the 'fread' function in MATLAB. More information about this command ca...

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