Automating RF analysis, FCC compliance, RFI, and EMI measurements


  • Automated measurements
  • National Instruments and Agilent instruments
  • RF and AF performance measurements
  • Integrated software radio capabilities
  • Power line noise measurements - FCC compliance testing


Lott Plot example of RF-Control analysis space.

RF-Control provides automated and network-enabled measurement software for general radio frequency analysis, FCC cable TV and other service rules compliance testing, and radio frequency interference and noise determination. It provides time- and frequency- based real-time and elapsed-time data collection and analysis. Using Agilent Technologies hardware for measurements and National Instruments hardware for instrument control and data acquisition, RF-Control provides the idea local or remote RF measurement environment. Control capabilities include antenna selection and separate filter and preamp insertion.

RF-Control is ideal for FCC performance and power line emission measurements. RF-Control uses the Instrument Control Toolbox for IEEE-488 communications with various devices. The Data Acquisition Toolbox provides the interface for direct capture of IF and AF signals from receivers. The Communications System Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, and Curve Fitting Toolbox provide capabilities for real-time and post collection analysis. The MATLAB Web Server can be used to provide the remote interface. RF-Control also has the ability to interface to the Mapping Toolbox.

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