Calculate work, energy, and integral area with polynominal series as input


  • Determine work and energy using Newton's Second Law of Motion
  • Calculate work and energy individually for separate force vector components
  • Model and simulate energy production, due to friction, in mechanical systems
  • Better understand work and energy production in systems
  • Calculate energy for variable mass m(t)
  • Perform integral calculus for any pair of time functions fy(t), fx(t)


Calcgate stands for CALCulus Geometric Area Transform Equation. Calcgate uses a new (patent pending) mathematical transform, the fundamental theorem of calculus, and Newton's second law of motion to calculate work, energy, and integral area using polynominal series as input with an accuracy to sixteen decimal places instantly. Input can be in the form of a Fourier series as well.

Students, scientists, engineers, and educators can use Calcgate for computations such as best and worst case analysis, threshold prediction, and idealized simulation. Using a MATLAB® interface, users can easily enter polynomial coefficients and save and load MAT-files with polynominal, Fourier magnitude, and phase coefficients for work, energy, and integral area computations.

Calcgate Software

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  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
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