MUXlab Architect

CAN and LIN architecture simulation and emulation in MATLAB and Simulink


  • CAN and LIN architecture simulation
  • CAN and LIN real-time communication with Simulink
  • Ability to replay CAN records in Simulink
  • Up to two CAN and one LIN bus emulated
  • Replace external tool for traffic emulation and monitoring
  • Bi-CAN I/O MUXlab code generation fully integrated


MUXlab Architect is a Simulink blockset for distributed architecture description and validation.

ECUs are described as simple subsystems in the model, with complete description of the CAN and LIN interface (Bus interfacing, frame and signal descriptions). Simulation of distributed applications enables you to validate communication parameters before prototyping.

Other features include the ability to enable real-time communication between Simulink models and physical networks (up to two CAN buses and one LIN bus). A USB interface is included in the package. Only selected ECUs in the model are fully emulated by Simulink (frame transmitted on the real bus); other ECUs that are physically connected to the network can be switched in virtual mode.

These features are fully integrated with MATLAB and Simulink, addressing architecture simulation needs as well as system testing and integration.

Compatibility with the rapid prototyping solution Bi-CAN I/O MUXlab permits you to complete algorithm validation by measurement and calibration using the same USB interface and the same model (CCP protocol). This option is available upon on request.

MUXlab Architect addresses the needs of engineers looking to extend Simulink for CAN and LIN system development without the need for external tools.


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