Electronic Concepts & Engineering - Embedded System Design Services

Model-Based Design consulting services for feedback control applications


  • Control system design and modeling
  • Real-time software design
  • Electronic hardware design


Electronic Concepts & Engineering, Inc. (ECE) provides services for Model-Based Design using the MATLAB® and Simulink® modeling environments. Control systems developed by ECE include both state-based and continuous applications. ECE uses Simulink Coder® and Stateflow® to implement finite-state machines for state-based controls. ECE also uses Simulink and various MATLAB toolboxes to develop more traditional controls for PID and other feedback control applications. ECE can combine both state-based and continuous modeling techniques into a hybrid controller design for applications that require a combination of both. 

ECE has the ability to provide any portion of a model developed using Model-Based Design. ECE can begin with existing proprietary system models or develop the system models from scratch using customer-supplied information or first principles. ECE can act as a consultant on MATLAB and Simulink, providing expertise to evaluate, modify, and maintain existing system or controller models. ECE also has the capabilities to design custom hardware solutions while control model design and development are underway.

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  • Consulting Services


  • Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Rugged Military Qualified Designs


  • Aerospace and Defense
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