Engineering Services and Turnkey Solutions

Solutions for automation and control of real-world applications


  • Automation design for the oil and gas industries
  • Control design for process industries
  • Mechanical design for robotics and mechanisms
  • Statistical process control for manufacturing
  • Mechanical design for offshore platforms


SysEngTech supplies training and integrated turnkey systems for the oil and gas and manufacturing industries with a core focus on: 

  • Design, implementation, and management of automation systems
  • Control system development and integration for power and energy
  • Modeling and simulation of prototyping systems for mechanical and mechatronics applications 
  • Rapid control prototyping of embedded software for ECU targets 
  • Training on modeling and simulation of electrical and mechanical systems

SysEngTech provides platform solutions based on analysis, design, implementation, and training. They provide full design of automation for offshore platforms, mechanical modeling of mechanisms and robotics, embedded control for mechatronic devices, and specialized training for power energy and mechanical design for manufacturing. With MathWorks technology and in partnership with key tool developers, SysEngTech enhances Model-Based Design, taking customer projects from the early stages of analysis and modeling to final deployment of solutions and management of the whole project life cycle.

SysEngTech creates customer-specific solutions based on MATLAB®, Simulink®, and related MathWorks tools, delivering a reliable, strong, and flexible platform solution. SysEngTech selects the appropriate MathWorks products for every problem according to its physical structure, relying on MATLAB and Simulink for modeling of general systems and on Simscape™, Simscape Power Systems™, and Simscape Multibody™ for modeling, analysis, and design of multiphysics systems.

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  • Control Systems
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Finite Element and Structural Modeling
  • MATLAB Programming
  • Process Control and Monitoring


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