Fixed-Point Designer

Fixed-Point Converter App

The Fixed-Point Converter app converts floating-point MATLAB® code to fixed-point MATLAB code. Use the app to propose fixed-point data types based on simulation ranges, derived ranges, or both.

You can test the numerical behavior of the fixed-point code and compare its behavior against the floating-point version of your algorithm using either the Simulation Data Inspector or your own custom plotting functions.

Use the MATLAB Coder app to generate fixed-point C code, and the HDL Coder app to generate HDL code.

The Fixed-Point Converter app is included in Fixed-Point Designer. You can find it, along with the rest of the apps for your installed products, by clicking the Apps tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

Lookup Table Optimizer App

The Lookup Table Optimizer app approximates an existing lookup table in your Simulink model to obtain an optimized (memory-efficient) table. The app also approximates math functions and replaces them with optimized tables.

Use the Lookup Table Optimizer app to compress large calibration tables in your design to reduce their memory footprint. In addition, you can get the memory usage metrics for the optimized lookup tables. Replace complex and expensive math functions to improve the execution speed on a microcontroller or to optimize logic resources on an FPGA.

The app supports any combination of floating-point and fixed-point data types. The original input and output data types can be kept or changed as desired.

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