LTE System Toolbox


Modeling and simulation of 5G or LTE or WLAN waveforms in MATLAB. Transmission/reception of LTE/WLAN waveforms over the air with analysis and measurements
Adding LTE connectivity to a device requires implementing the system-level algorithms in FPGA or ASIC hardware while maintaining compliance with the standard
Generate a variety of LTE signals with LTE System Toolbox such as Reference Measurement Channels (RMC) and Test Models (E-TM) or fully customized signals.
Learn how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to model, simulate, test, and deploy communications algorithms on Zynq and AD9361-based production platforms.
Wireless systems are becoming pervasive and the need to reduce the overall area and power imposes challenging requirements on the RF front-ends. For this reason, smart RF systems make extensive use...