Perform signal processing, analysis, and algorithm development using Signal Processing Toolbox™.
Denoise signals with weighted moving average and Savitzky-Golay filters.
Find peak locations and measure peak height, prominence, and width.
Remove an unwanted tone from a signal, and compensate for the delay introduced in the process using Signal Processing Toolbox™.
Find a signal of interest within another signal, and align signals by determining the delay between them using Signal Processing Toolbox™.
Use a classification system to identify the activity that a human subject is engaged in based on the accelerometer signals generated by his or her smartphone.
FINDER is a portable radar used by first responders to detect motion and characterize signals to identify the heartbeats and respiration of trapped and buried disaster victims.
This plenary talk describes recent innovations in medical ultrasound and ultrasound research, simulations, and research systems using MATLAB.