Eindhoven, Netherlands


MathWorks BV
Dr. Holtroplaan 5B
Eindhoven, 5652 XR
+31 40 215 6700


Please refer to this page for directions by car, train, taxi, and from airport:



The city-center of Eindhoven has hotels in various price-ranges.

The hotels on the station-end of the city are the closest to the central bus-station (at the north-side of the train-station) and the piazza-bus-stop, where busses 401, 402 and 403 leave.

The following two hotels are the closest to our office location.

Campanile Hotel & Restaurant Eindhoven
309 5657 GB Eindhoven, Netherlands
T +31 (0)40 254 54 00
F +31 40 254 44 10
E eindhoven@campanile.com

  • Basic hotel, walking distance from the MathWorks offices
  • Can be reached easily by public transport and car from the station and the Airport.

Novotel Eindhoven
Anthony Fokkerweg
101 5657 EJ Eindhoven, Netherlands
T +31 40 252 65 75
F +31 40 252 28 50
E H1018@accor.com

  • Hotel in quiet environment (so outside city centre), one highway-exit away from the MathWorks offices.
  • No easy public transport between hotel and our office, so only recommended for people with car transport.


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