Rapid Prototyping for Embedded Control Systems

Rapid prototyping provides early proof that your control designs will work in the field. You test in real time on hardware, and can quickly adjust your designs until you're satisfied with the results.

Build Prototypes Directly from Your Model

You start by using Simulink® to develop and simulate multidomain models of your control algorithms and systems. Within Simulink, you deploy your idealized models to flexible controller hardware and run them in real time. You can automatically generate code for the hardware from your models with Simulink Coder™, letting you focus on testing, not on programming.

You can perform functional rapid prototyping on flexible target-computer hardware using Simulink Real-Time™ as well as on-target rapid prototyping with your production ECU using Embedded Coder®. With the same models and hardware, you can also conduct hardware-in-the-loop testing and other verification, validation, and test activities.

Refine Your Design and See the Results in Real Time

Use the rapid prototyping test data to tune model parameters, apply numerical optimization, and run what-if scenarios for controller bandwidth, floating-point vs. fixed-point robustness, and other design considerations.

Compare multiple control designs on different boards, analyze design and cost trade-offs, and deploy with confidence that your embedded systems

Choose the Hardware That's Best for Your Application

When setting up your rapid prototyping system, choose from hundreds of supported hardware options from leading vendors or select a complete, fully assembled Simulink Real-Time solution. You have complete flexibility to select the I/O, processing power, form factor, and other specifications for your iterative design environment. You can also connect to a broad network of MathWorks system integrators.