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Physical Channel and Signal Subcomponents

PRBS and low-PAPR sequence generation, symbol modulation, layer mapping, and transform precoding in 5G NR

Use 5G Toolbox™ low-level physical channel and physical signal subcomponent functions to:

  • Generate pseudorandom binary sequences for scrambling.

  • Generate low peak-to-average power ratio (low-PAPR) sequence.

  • Perform symbol modulation and demodulation.

  • Perform layer mapping and demapping.

  • Perform transform precoding and deprecoding.


nrPRBSGenerate PRBS
nrLowPAPRSGenerate low peak-to-average power ratio (low-PAPR) sequence
nrSymbolModulateGenerate modulated symbols
nrSymbolDemodulateDemodulate and convert symbols to bits
nrLayerMapLayer mapping of modulated and scrambled codewords
nrLayerDemapLayer demapping onto scrambled and modulated codewords
nrTransformPrecodeGenerate transform precoded symbols
nrTransformDeprecodeRecover transform deprecoded symbols