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Griffiss Airport Lighting

To help you visualize your flightpath workflows, the Aerospace Blockset™ Interface for Unreal Engine® Projects support package provides a map of the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York. The airport map includes static mesh models of every taxiway and runway light, Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR), and building lights.

Turn Airport Lights On and Off

To turn on and off the lights for the runway, taxiway, threshold, and MALSR, use the Lights On switch.

  1. Load the Griffiss Airport map in the Unreal® Editor by double-clicking GriffissAirport in the Maps folder.

  2. At the top center of the view, click Blueprints > Open Level Blueprint.

    The Griffiss Airport > Event Graph tab of the level blueprint appears.

  3. In the Details panel on the right, see the Defaults section.


    If the Details panel is not visible, enable it by clicking Windows > Details in the top left menu.

  4. To turn on lights, select the Details > Defaults > Lights On check box.

    To turn off lights, clear the Details > Defaults > Lights On check box.

  5. Save your changes and exit the level blueprint.

  6. Run the simulation.

Niagara lights are created in the level blueprint at the start of the simulation. They are not visible if the simulation is not running.

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