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Model general atmospheric profiles such as ISA, COESA; nonstandard day simulations and calculate flow relations, such as isentropic, normal shock, Rayleigh, Fanno, and Prandtl-Meyer

Use environment-standards-based reference models to model standard atmospheric, gravity, and magnetic field profiles to calculate position and velocity of celestial bodies, and extract and output space weather data.

Calculate flow relations for Fanno lines, isentropic, normal shock, Prandtl-Meyer functions.


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aeroDataPackageStart Add-On Explorer to download, install, or uninstall aerospace-specific data
atmosciraUse COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere 1986 model
atmoscoesaUse 1976 COESA model
atmoshwmImplement horizontal wind model
atmosisaUse International Standard Atmosphere model
atmoslapseUse Lapse Rate Atmosphere model
atmosnonstdUse climatic data from MIL-STD-210 or MIL-HDBK-310
atmosnrlmsise00Implement mathematical representation of 2001 United States Naval Research Laboratory Mass Spectrometer and Incoherent Scatter Radar Exosphere
atmospaltCalculate pressure altitude based on ambient pressure
aeroReadIERSDataFile containing current International Astronomical Union (IAU) 2000A Earth orientation data
deltaCIPCalculate Celestial Intermediate Pole (CIP) location adjustment
deltaUT1Calculate difference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Principal Universal Time (UT1)
earthNutationImplement Earth nutation
moonLibrationMoon librations
planetEphemerisPosition and velocity of astronomical objects
polarMotionCalculate Earth polar motion
geocradiusConvert from geocentric latitude to radius of ellipsoid planet (Since R2021b)
geoidegm96Calculate geoid height as determined from EGM96 Geopotential Model
geoidheightCalculate geoid height
gravitycentrifugalImplement centrifugal effect of planetary gravity
gravitysphericalharmonicImplement spherical harmonic representation of planetary gravity
gravitywgs84Implement 1984 World Geodetic System (WGS84) representation of Earth gravity
gravityzonalImplement zonal harmonic representation of planetary gravity
igrfmagmCalculate Earth magnetic field and secular variation using International Geomagnetic Reference Field
wrldmagmUse World Magnetic Model
aeroReadSpaceWeatherDataOutput MAT-file of space weather data (Since R2023a)
fluxSolarAndGeomagneticExtract solar flux and geomagnetic field data (Since R2023a)