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Class: Aero.Animation
Namespace: Aero

Add body to animation object


idx = addBody(h,b)


idx = addBody(h,b) adds a loaded body, b, to the animation object, h, generates patches for the body, and returns the index of the body in idx.

Input Arguments

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Aerospace animation object, specified as an Aero.Animation object.

Loaded animation body, specified as a scalar.

Output Arguments

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Body index, returned as a scalar.


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Add a second animation body to a list that is a pointer to the first body. If you change the properties of one body, the properties of the other body change correspondingly.

h = Aero.Animation;
idx1 = createBody(h,'','Ac3d');
b = h.Bodies{1};
idx2 = addBody(h,b)
idx2 = 2

Version History

Introduced in R2007a