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Integrate Generated Code for Multi-Instance Software Components

When you build an AUTOSAR software component model that is configured for multiple instantiation:

  • The generated ARXML describes internal data such as BlockIO and DWork as C-typed per-instance memory (PIM).

  • The generated model header file model.h contains type definitions for the PIMs.

When you integrate the generated ARXML files and code into the AUTOSAR run-time environment (RTE), the RTE generator does not automatically generate the PIM type definitions. To make the type definitions available for component instances, the RTE must include the generated model header file.

The method for including the model header file varies according to the integration tooling. For example:

  • In Vector tooling, file Rte.h includes an optional user types file, Rte_UserTypes.h. Update Rte_UserTypes.h to include model.h.

  • In ETAS® tooling, Rte_UserCfg.h is an optional user configuration file. Update Rte_UserCfg.h to include model.h.

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