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Language, Function, and Object Support

MATLAB® language features, functions, classes, and System objects supported for C and C++ code generation

You can generate efficient C/C++ code for most of the MATLAB language features. You can also generate code for a subset of MATLAB built-in functions and toolbox functions and System objects that you call from MATLAB code. For some supported functions and System objects, the reference pages have usage notes and limitations for C/C++ code generation.


MATLAB Language Features Supported for C/C++ Code Generation

Use the MATLAB language features and functions that code generation supports.

Functions and Objects Supported for C/C++ Code Generation

Use the functions and System objects that code generation supports.

Half Precision Code Generation Support

C/C++ and GPU code generation support for functions that support half-precision inputs.

Generate Code With Implicit Expansion Enabled

The code generator introduces modifications in the generated code to accomplish implicit expansion.

Optimize Implicit Expansion in Generated Code

Implicit expansion in the generated code is enabled by default.