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Find USRP Devices Connected To Host Computer

To identify USRP™ radio devices that are connected to your computer, use the findsdru function. The function outputs a structure that contains information about the USRP radios that are connected to the host computer.

To verify the connection of the USRP to the host computer, you might check any of these scenarios.

  • If MATLAB® can communicate with the radio, the function returns a successful status for the USRP radio. After the radio establishes the communication with MATLAB, the radio is ready to use with the Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP Radio features.

  • If the function finds one or more radios, the function returns a structure or an array of structures, respectively. In this example, the USRP device type is N310, the IP address is, and the status indicates that MATLAB can communicate with the USRP radio and that the radio is ready to use.

    radio = findsdru
         Checking radio connections...
    radio = struct with fields:
         Platform: 'N210'
        IPAddress: ''
        SerialNum: '315A36C'
           Status: 'Success'
  • If the function finds zero USRP radios, the function returns a structure containing an empty IPAddress field, an empty SerialNum field, and a status other than 'Success'. For more details on status messages other than 'Success', see findsdru function. For possible causes and solutions, see Common Problems and Fixes.


The display messages from the UHD™ driver includes one of these sets of messages:

  • --- begin libuhd driver construction output --- and --- end libuhd driver construction output ---

  • --- begin libuhd status message output --- and --- end libuhd status message output ---

These messages are usually benign, but in some cases, they might refer to steps that you can take to increase the performance of the USRP radio connection. Follow the recommended steps when suitable. You can also refer to the USRP radio is busy or USRP radio is not responding section Common Problems and Fixes.

After you identify the USRP radios that are connected to the host computer, you can then get detailed information about a particular USRP radio by using the probesdru function.

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