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Digilent Analog Discovery Hardware Limitations

  • You cannot use multiple Digilent® devices in the same session. If you need to use multiple devices, add one device per session and start the sessions sequentially.

  • Digilent devices limit the minimum and maximum allowable rate of sampling based on channel types:

    • Analog input only: 0.1 – 1,000,000

    • Analog output only: 4,096 – 1,000,000

    • Input and output: 8,192 – 300,000

    Data Acquisition Toolbox™ conforms to the Digilent Player Mode for the Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

  • You cannot use background operations with Digilent devices. You can only perform foreground operations using startForeground

  • You cannot perform synchronous and triggered operations using a Digilent device in the session-based interface.

  • You cannot access the digital input and output capabilities of a Digilent device.