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Live Data Acquisition App

This example shows how to create an app which acquires data from a DAQ device or sound card, displays a live data view, and logs data to a MAT-file.

This example app shows how to implement these operations:

  • Discover available DAQ devices and select which device to use.

  • Configure device acquisition parameters.

  • Display a live plot in the app UI during acquisition.

  • Save acquired data to a MAT-file by writing to an intermediate binary file during acquisition.

By default, the app will open in design mode in App Designer. To run the app click Run or execute the app from the command line:



This example app requires:

  • MATLAB® R2019a or later.

  • Data Acquisition Toolbox™.

  • Corresponding hardware support package for your device vendor.

  • A supported DAQ device or sound card. For example, any National Instruments or Measurement Computing device that supports analog input Voltage or IEPE measurements and background acquisition.