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Session-Based Interface Workflow

Working with Sessions

Use the session object to communicate with data acquisition devices, such as National Instruments® devices including a CompactDAQ chassis. The following diagram shows the general workflow for session operations.

Use the daq.createSession function to create a data acquisitions session. See Session-Based Interface Workflow for more information.

You can also synchronize operations within the session. See Synchronization for more information.

Session-Based Interface and Data Acquisition Toolbox

Data Acquisition Toolbox™ and the MATLAB® technical computing environment use the session-based interface to communicate with National Instruments devices, including a CompactDAQ chassis. You can operate in the foreground, where the operation blocks MATLAB until complete, or in the background, where MATLAB continues to run additional MATLAB commands in parallel with the hardware operation. See Session Architecture for more information.

You can create a session with both analog input and analog output channels and configure acquisition and generation simultaneously. See Acquire Data and Generate Signals Simultaneously for more information.

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