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Class: hdlcoder.ReferenceDesign
Namespace: hdlcoder

Add and register a target interface

Since R2021b




registerDeepLearningTargetInterface(interfaceType) registers a target interface to an hdlcoder.ReferenceDesign object. Use the registered target interface to interact with the generated deep learning processor IP core by using MATLAB®.

Input Arguments

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Target interface type, specified as a string or character vector.

Example: 'JTAG'


To register a JTAG target interface to your reference design, your reference design must meet these requirements.

  • The reference design must include JTAG MATLAB as AXI Master IP.

  • The JTAG MATLAB as AXI Master IP must be one of the masters to the AXI4-Slave interface in the reference design.

  • The JTAG MATLAB as AXI Master IP must have access to the same memory as the AXI4-Master interfaces in the reference design.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b