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Class: matlabshared.targetsdk.Target
Namespace: matlabshared.targetsdk

Get profiler objects contained in target


profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj)
profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'mapped')
profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'mapped',hardwareObject)
profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'unmapped')
profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'reference')
profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'name',profilerName)


profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj) returns all Profiler objects mapped to Target object or the Reference Target.

profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'mapped') returns all the Profiler objects mapped to Target object.

profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'mapped',hardwareObject) returns all Profiler objects mapped to the Target object and Hardware object.

profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'unmapped') returns all Profiler objects only mapped to the Reference Target and can be mapped to the Target object.

profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'reference') returns all Profiler objects mapped to the Reference Target of the Target object.

profilerObjs = getProfiler(targetObj,'name',profilerName) returns the Profiler object with Name property equal to the profilerName argument.

Input Arguments

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Target object that references the Target being developed.

Hardware object that references the hardware board mapped to the Target.

A descriptive name assigned to the Name property of the Profiler object.

Example: 'MyProfiler'

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Profiler object or cell array of Profiler objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2015a