Digital Number Representation

How fixed-point and floating-point numbers are represented

Binary numbers are represented as either fixed-point or floating-point data types.


Physical Quantities and Measurement Scales

Provides an overview of measurement scales and representing numbers.

Benefits of Using Fixed-Point Hardware

Fixed-point hardware can provide benefits in size and power consumption, memory usage, speed, and cost.

Fixed-Point Data Types

How fixed-point data types are represented.


The quantization of a real-world value is represented by a weighted sum of bits.

Fixed-Point Numbers in Simulink

Fixed-point data type and scaling notation used by Simulink®.

numerictype of Fixed-Point Objects

Presents the numerictype object as a MATLAB® object, and gives the valid fields and settings for those fields

Floating-Point Numbers

How floating-point numbers are represented and manipulated.

Scaled Doubles

Scaled doubles are a hybrid between floating-point and fixed-point numbers, stored by Fixed-Point Designer™ as doubles with the scaling, sign, and word length information retained.

Supported Data Types

Data types supported for simulation and code generation.

What is the Difference Between Fixed-Point and Built-in Integer Types?

Explains the difference between fixed-point data types and built-in integer data types in MATLAB.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixed-Point Numbers

Describes the meaning of negative fraction length and fraction length greater than word length.

Set Up Fixed-Point Objects

Basic information on using fi objects

Featured Examples