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Functions Supported for Code Acceleration or C Code Generation

The following general limitations apply to the use of Fixed-Point Designer™ functions in generated code, with fiaccel:

  • fipref and quantizer objects are not supported.

  • Word lengths greater than 128 bits are not supported.

  • You cannot change the fimath or numerictype of a given fi variable after that variable has been created.

  • The boolean value of the DataTypeMode and DataType properties are not supported.

  • For all SumMode property settings other than FullPrecision, the CastBeforeSum property must be set to true.

  • You can use parallel for (parfor) loops in code compiled with fiaccel, but those loops are treated like regular for loops.

  • When you compile code containing fi objects with nontrivial slope and bias scaling, you may see different results in generated code than you achieve by running the same code in MATLAB®.

To view a list of the Fixed-Point Designer functions that are supported for code acceleration or C/C++ code generation, refer to the Fixed-Point Designer category of these tables:

In these tables, a The letter "i" inside a blue rectangle. icon before the name of a function indicates that there are specific usage notes and limitations related to code acceleration or code generation for that function. To view these usage notes and limitations, in the corresponding reference page, scroll down to the Extended Capabilities section at the bottom and expand the C/C++ Code Generation section.