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Label HDL ports as unused ports

Since R2022b


    specifyUnused(cosimConfigObj,name) labels the HDL port named name as unused in the generated block or System object™.

    specifyUnused(__ ,name,[]) clears the definition for the unused port (or ports) specified in name. For example: specifyUnused(c,'unused1',[]) clears the definition for the input named unused1 in the UnusedPorts table.

    Input Arguments

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    Cosimulation configuration, specified as a cosimulationConfiguration object.

    Name of the HDL port to label as an unused port in the generated HDL Cosimulation block or hdlverifier.HDLCosimulation System object, specified as a string or a character vector. For multiple outputs, specify a cell array of port names.

    Example: name='clk_out'

    Example: name={'unused1','unused2','unused3'}

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b