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Run TLM Component Test Bench

After the TLM component and test bench have been generated, you can verify the generated TLM component using the test bench that was just created:

  1. Open Model Configuration Parameters. Click on TLM Generation.

  2. Select the TLM Testbench pane.

  3. Click Verify TLM Component. The software performs the following actions:

    • Builds the generated code using make and generated makefiles.

    • Runs Simulink® to capture input stimulus and expected results.

    • Converts the Simulink data to TLM vectors.

    • Runs the standalone SystemC/TLM test bench executable.

    • Converts the TLM results back to Simulink data.

    • Performs a data comparison.

    • Generates a Figure window for any signals that had data miscompares.


You must generate the component and test bench before you can select Verify TLM Component. See Generate Component and Test Bench.