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Read data specified by index from denoisingImageDatastore


data = readByIndex(dnimds,ind) returns a subset of observations from a denoising image datastore, dnimds. The desired observations are specified by indices, ind.

[data,info] = readByIndex(dnimds,ind) also returns information about the observations, including metadata, in info.

Input Arguments

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Denoising image datastore, specified as a denoisingImageDatastore object.

Indices of observations, specified as a vector of positive integers.

Output Arguments

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Observations from the datastore, returned as a table with length(ind) number of rows.

Information about read data, returned as a structure array. The structure array can contain the following fields.

Field NameDescription
CurrentFileIndicesNumeric vector containing the indices of all read files of the denoising image datastore.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a