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Transform projected coordinates on axesm-based map to Greenwich system


[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn
[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn(hndl)
[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn(hndl,mstruct)


When objects are projected and displayed on axesm-based maps, they are plotted in Cartesian coordinates appropriate for the selected projection. This function transforms those coordinates back into the Greenwich frame, in which longitude is measured positively East from Greenwich (longitude 0), England and negatively West from Greenwich.

[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn returns the latitude, longitude, and altitude data in geographic coordinates of the current map object, removing any clips or trims introduced during the display process from the output data.

[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn(hndl) specifies the displayed map object desired with its handle hndl. The default handle is gco.

[lat,lon,alt] = cart2grn(hndl,mstruct) specifies the map structure associated with the object. The map structure of the current axes is the default.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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