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Adjust z-plane of map object on axesm-based map




zdatam displays a GUI for selecting an object from the current axes and modifying its ZData property.

zdatam(hndl) and zdatam('str') display a GUI to modify the ZData of the object(s) specified by the input. str is any character vectors recognized by handlem.

zdatam(hndl,zdata) alters the z-plane position of displayed map objects designated by the MATLAB® graphics handle hndl. The z-plane position may be the Z position in the case of text objects, or the ZData property in the case of other graphic objects. The function behaves as follows:

  • If hndl is an hggroup handle, the ZData property of the children in the hggroup are altered.

  • If the handle is scalar, then ZData can be either a scalar (z-plane definition), or a matrix of appropriate dimension for the displayed object.

  • If hndl is a vector, then ZData can be a scalar or a vector of the same dimension as hndl.

  • If ZData is a scalar, then all objects in hndl are drawn on the ZData z-plane.

  • If ZData is a vector, then each object in hndl is drawn on the plane defined by the corresponding ZData element.

  • If ZData is omitted, then a modal dialog box prompts for the ZData entry.

zdatam('str',zdata) identifies the objects by the input str, where str is any of the character vectors recognized by handlem, and uses zdata as described above to update their ZData property.

This function adjusts the z-plane position of selected graphics objects. It accomplishes this by setting the objects' ZData properties to the appropriate values.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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