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Creating 3-D Scatter Plots

This example shows how to create a 3-D scatter plot in MATLAB. You can read about the scatter3 function in the MATLAB documentation.

Load data on ozone levels.

load ozoneData Ozone Temperature WindSpeed SolarRadiation

Calculate ozone levels.

z = (Ozone).^(1/3);
response = z;

Make a color index for the ozone levels.

nc = 16;
offset = 1;
c = response - min(response);
c = round((nc-1-2*offset)*c/max(c)+1+offset);

Create a 3-D scatter plot using the scatter3 function.

scatter3(Temperature, WindSpeed, SolarRadiation, 30, c, 'filled')
view(-34, 14)

Add title and axis labels.

title('Ozone Levels')
ylabel('Wind Speed')
zlabel('Solar Radiation')

Add a colorbar with tick labels. Use ellipsis '...' to continue a statement to the next line.

colorbar('Location', 'EastOutside', 'YTickLabel',...
{'2 ppm', '4 ppm', '6 ppm', '8 ppm', '10 ppm', '12 ppm', '14 ppm'})

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