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Measure AC Performance Metrics of Binary Weighted DAC

This example shows how to find the AC performance metrics such as SNR, SINAD, SFDR, ENOB, noise floor and settling time of a binary weighted DAC block.

Open the model dac_ac_error. The model consists of a Binary Weighted DAC block and a DAC Testbench.

model = 'dac_ac_error';

The parameters of the Binary Weighted DAC are kept at their default values.

In the DAC Testbench block, the Measurement option is set to AC. In the Setup tab, the Autofill setup parameter button is used to automatically propagate the setup parameters from the DAC block. Show spectrum analyzer during simulation option is also checked.

Run the simulation for 9e-3 s.


The measured AC performance metrics are displayed on the DAC Testbench block.