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Measure Timing Metrics of Periodic Signal

Measure the period, frequency, rise time, fall time, and duty cycle of a periodic signal. Also measure the delay of the input signal with respect to a reference signal

Open the model time_metrics_measure. The model consists of a Timing Measurement block. A period sine wave of 50e6 Hz is applied at the reference input signal. A variable time delay of 1e-11 s is applied at the test input port. The Timing Measurement block is set to measure the period, frequency, 10%-90% rise time, 90%-10% fall time, duty cycle, and the delay with respect to the test input port.

model = 'time_metrics_measure';

Run the model for 100 microseconds. The results are displayed on a Display block.

  • Period = 0.2 microseconds

  • Frequency = 50 MHz

  • Rise time = 5.903 nanoseconds

  • Fall time = 5.903 nanoseconds

  • Duty cycle = 0.5

  • Delay = 10 picoseconds