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GeometricThermalICs Properties

Initial temperature over a region or region boundary

A GeometricThermalICs object contains a description of the initial temperature over a geometric region or a boundary of the region. A ThermalModel container has a vector of GeometricThermalICs objects in its InitialConditions.ThermalICAssignments property.

Set initial conditions for your model using the thermalIC function.


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Region type, specified as 'Vertex', 'Edge', or 'Face' for a 2-D or 3-D region, or 'Cell' for a 3-D region.

Data Types: char | string

Region ID, specified as a vector of positive integers. To determine which ID corresponds to which portion of the geometry, use the pdegplot function and setting the 'FaceLabels' name-value pair to 'on'.

Data Types: double

Initial temperature, specified as a scalar, vector, or function handle. For details, see thermalIC.

Data Types: double | function_handle

Version History

Introduced in R2017a