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Valves and Orifices

Variable local restrictions for fluid flow control

Simscape Blocks

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Orifice ISO 6358 (G)Flow restriction of fixed area modeled per ISO 6358
Variable Orifice ISO 6358 (G)Flow restriction of variable area modeled per ISO 6358
2-Way Directional Valve (G)Controlled valve with two ports and one flow path
3-Way Directional Valve (G)Controlled valve with three ports and two flow paths
4-Way Directional Valve (G)Controlled valve with four ports and four flow paths
Check Valve (G)Valve for limiting flow to a single (forward) direction
Pilot-Operated Check Valve (G)Check valve with control port to enable flow in reverse direction
Ball Valve (G)Valve with longitudinally translating ball as control element
Gate Valve (G)Valve with sliding gate as control element
Temperature Control Valve (G)Valve with inlet thermostat to regulate flow
Pressure Reducing Valve (G)Valve for restricting flow when at excessive pressure
Pressure Relief Valve (G)Valve for venting fluid when at excessive pressure