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Feature Selector

Use the Feature Selector dialog box when you want to focus on a subset of the features that you have computed. You can specify the features you want to view in the histogram set or in the feature trace plots. By default, the app selects all features. To filter out features that you do not want to view, clear those selections. Alternatively, you can use Unselect All to clear all the selections, and then reselect the features that you do want to view. Your selections for histograms and for feature trace plots are independent of each other.

Clearing a feature does not delete the feature from the feature table. You can always reselect the feature by clicking Select Features in the Histogram tab or the Feature Trace tab to restore Feature Selector. If you generate new features after using Feature Selector, the app automatically adds these features to the selection.

Feature Order

The order that the features are listed depends on where they are displayed.

  • Variables pane — Feature groups are listed alphabetically. Individual features within the groups are in computation order.

  • Feature selector — All features are listed together in ranked or alphabetical order, depending on the specification in Features sorted by. Specify Name to sort features alphabetically. Specify one of the ranking methods, such as T-Test, to sort features by ranking.

  • Histogram plots — By default, the selected features are shown in ranked order if you have performed ranking, or in alphabetical order if you have not. You can change the histogram order with Feature selector. Each time you plot histograms within a session, the newest plot retains the order setting of the previous plot.

  • Feature Trace plots — The selected features are shown together in ranked or alphabetical order, as specified in Features sorted by. Specify Name for alphabetical order. Specify a listed ranking method, such as T-Test, for ranked order.

  • Feature Table View — All feature values are arranged in computation order.

For an example of using Select Features to filter a large feature set, see Generate Features Automatically in Diagnostic Feature Designer